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Fuze Wheel Writer Deluxe

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Wheel Writer Deluxe adds a unique flair to bikes measuring 20” and up. Using LED lights, it creates pictures that magically appear while the rider pedals. Mount it directly to the spokes of almost any bike and as the wheel spins, the super-bright, computer-controlled LEDs flash on and off to create 64 different images and patterns. Includes a real working speedometer to let others know how fast you are going. Using an iOS device such as iPod, iPhone or iPod touch, create custom images. Use during the day or night with high visibility. The accessory is also water-resistant, keeping it safe from damage. Features: 64 different images and animation’s, real working speedometer, create pictures, animations and text using iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Super bright; works during the day or night, water-resistant, mounts directly to spokes (20” wheel and up), works best when riding more than 10 mph. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

RRP: £29.99

• Barcode: 5055308517823
• Age Rec: 8+ years